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JHS Parents and Students,

JHS 2021-22 Schoolyear

Jamestown High School will begin classes on Thursday, August 19th.  Doors will open at 8:00 a.m. and all students will report to their assigned advisory period by 8:30 a.m. to complete enrollment forms and receive locker assignments.  From there we will begin our class schedule so each student gets an opportunity to get to know their teachers and courses.  Below is an outline of our schedule for 2021-22, please note we will again have a late start on Wednesdays.  

High School and JVCTC   (M,T,TH,F)                                               

                Period 1                 8:00- 8:55                                            

                Period 2                 9:00-9:55                             

                Period 3                 10:00-10:55                                                         

                Period 4A CL         11:00-11:55

                                   LU        11:55-12:25

                Period 4B LU         10:55-11:25

                                   CL         11:30-12:25

                Period 5                 12:30-1:25

                Period 6                 1:30-2:25

                Period 7                 2:30-3:25

High School and JVCTC       (Wednesday Schedule)

                Period 1                 9:10- 9:50                            

                Period 2                 9:55-10:35                           

                Advisory 10:40-11:05

                Period 3                 11:10-11:50                        

                Period 4A CL         11:55-12:35                                                                                        

                                   LU        12:40-1:10

                Period 4B LU         11:55-12:25

                                   CL         12:30-1:10

                Period 5                 1:15-1:55

                Period 6                 2:00-2:40

                Period 7                 2:45-3:25


We are happy to welcome several new teachers to JHS this fall.  Amanda Arvey and Mary Gorman are joining our English Department, Denise Wood and Sydney Brunmeier are joining our Math Department, our Family and Consumer Science Department is welcoming Meredith Schmidt, our Social Studies Department is Welcoming Charles Druer and Veronica Askew and we hired additional counseling support with Stephanie Kropp joining our team and Mindy Blackmore moving from special education into a new role within our counseling department.    

Freshmen and new student orientation will be held on Monday, August 16th at 5:00- 6:30p.m. in the JHS theater.  All members of the Class of 2025 and their parents are encouraged to attend.  Those attending will hear from building administrators and counselors about policies, procedures, and opportunities for the school year.  After a quick meeting in the commons at 5:00pm freshman will follow their daily schedule cards from class to class.  In each class students and parents are invited to participate in a meet-the-teacher orientation including a brief presentation introducing the teacher and the course.  CTC teachers will be located in the commons for their orientation. At 6:00pm students and parents are invited to attend an orientation presentation in the theater with JHS administrators and counselors.

Students who are new to our District and attending JHS for the first time should plan to attend a new student orientation hosted by the JHS Student Council.  The orientation will be held at 12:30pm August 16th, new students will meet student council members in the commons and be given a tour of the building.  New students and parents are also encouraged to attend the JHS orientation presentation at 6:00pm in the theater.

Student schedules are live in PowerSchool, and a few student schedules were adjusted over the summer to balance sections and to accommodate for staffing changes and incomplete schedules.  Students who cannot see their schedule on PowerSchool are welcome to come request a paper copy on our schedule days.   Students are encouraged to visit JHS Counselors  for our schedule days on July 28th August 3rd or August 12th   On August 11th and 12th between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. students and parents can take care of paying for bussing, school lunches, and purchase activity tickets.  Textbooks and chrome books will be issued by classroom teachers in the first days of school. Our staff, students, and families understand that a great deal of time and resources are allocated in the registration and scheduling process.  We assign teachers and courses based on the courses that students register for.  For these reasons, no schedule changes will be allowed unless they are deemed necessary by our schedule committee.  Schedule change requests are available in the counseling office.  

Student pictures will be taken on Friday September 17th.  Students will receive order packets digitally and in school prior to picture day.   No purchase is necessary but all students need to have a photo taken for their school ID and the yearbook.  In the first days of school students will also receive an updated student handbook, which is also posted on the school website.  Parents are encouraged to review the handbook for more detailed information on schedules and school policies.

Our dedicated school staff continues to do amazing things, adding new courses, programs, increasing technology access, enhancing student literacy and success skills. We look forward to the 2021-22 school year, and we are excited to work toward our district mission of “Engaging students with challenging and innovative experiences to prepare them for future success.”  In 2020 many things changed for all of us and as always, we kept the future of our students as our highest priority.

Throughout 2020 we have continued to learn and grow as a school and are looking always working to align what school could be and with the outcomes our students need in their future.  Throughout the next year we will invite staff, families, and our community members to engage with our school in an innovative education planning process.  Your feedback is important as we align our system to ensure our students are prepared for their future and not our past.  Please watch your email for in person and virtual opportunities to engage in this process.

Parents are reminded that their student’s schedules, grades and attendance information are available online using the PowerSchool software.  Please call JHS at 952-4003 after school starts if you need access to your information.  Please feel free to check out our website or call with questions. 

Take care and Go Blue Jays!

Adam Gehlhar, Principal

Phone:  701-952-4003
Fax:  701-252-8580
Attendance:  701-952-4001