JHS PE/Health Department

William Nelson

Department Co-Chair: Strength & Conditioning and Personal Fitness I/II

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Andrew Fitzgerald

Department Co-Chair: PhyEd/Health 9, Personal Fitness and Living Sports

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Cheryl Sunderland

Physical Education / Health 9

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One credit is earned in the 9th grade. Electives in P.E. are available during the 10th, 11th and 12th grades and are one–half unit of credit. One credit of physical education and ½ credit of health is required for graduation.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION/HEALTH - Required 9 - 1 credit

P.E/Health meets five times per week. The two classes will alternate days. The P.E. class will be broken down into three units; swimming, aerobics, and weight training. Students will learn about cardio fitness, proper weight training techniques, and over all fitness. The Health class will cover the physical, mental, and emotional health of an individual. Appropriate clothing is required.

LIVING SPORTS - Elective 11- 12 - 1/2 credit

Living sports is designed to teach the rules, skills, and appreciation of sports and activities that may be carried on throughout a student's lifetime. The course will include both individual and team sports that provide a wise use of leisure time and the means to stay fit for life.
The sports concentrated on are, but not limited to: yard games, volleyball, softball, tennis, golf, horseshoes, disc golf, basketball, whiffle ball, badminton, ice skating, bowling, and archery.
Proper dress will be athletic clothing when the activity calls for it. Students will be notified when casual clothing will be appropriate. Clothing must also follow the dress code outlined in the JHS planner. There will be a moderate charge to students taking the class.

DANCE - Elective 10 – 12 - 1/2 credit

Dance class meets five times per week. Dance will provide students with experiences in different dance forms and are usually introductory in nature. The areas of dance concentrated on are, but not limited to, country line dance, circle, folk, fox trot, Latin, line, polka, square, swing and waltz. Proper dress will be athletic clothing and shoes. Clothes must follow the dress code as outlined in the JHS planner.

ADAPTED PE - Required 9 - 12 - 1 credit

This is a class that involves basic activities such as basketball, volleyball and swimming that are modified to the student’s abilities.

PERSONAL FITNESS 1 - Elective 10 - 12 - 1/2 credit

This is a semester class that will concentrate on the importance of aerobic fitness, weight training, and swimming. Students will understand the basic concepts of lifts and safety of lifting. One day a week will be set aside for an activity outside the fitness room.

PERSONAL FITNESS 2 - Elective 10 - 12 - 1/2 credit

Prerequisite: Personal Fitness 1
This is a semester class that emphasizes the importance of weight training and cardio-vascular fitness. Students will develop a fitness program the second nine weeks of the semester. One day a week will be used as an activity day outside the fitness room.

STRENGTH & CONDITIONING - Elective 10-12 - 1/2 credit

The focus of the class will be on improving strength and conditioning performance factors. High intensity levels of training will be done focusing on development of speed, agility, quickness, jumping ability, and mobility. Strength training and the use of Olympics lifts will be utilized to develop muscular power. The course runs during zero hour 6:30am - 7:20am.

PE/Health Department Faculty

Pictured L to R: Andrew Fitzgerald, Cheryl Sunderland and Bill Nelson.