Adam Gehlhar, Director

Adam Gehlhar

CTC Director

Heidi Eckart (Asst. Director)

Heidi Eckart

CTC Asst. Director/ Dean of Students

Welcome to the James Valley Career and Tech JV LogoCenter Website! 

The James Valley Career and Tech Center offers educational programs and support services for students for both Jamestown and Montpelier. In addition, our center provides guidance and career development services for the Gackle-Streeter School District.

The Career and Technology Center is a valuable component of the K-12 educational experience. Part of our focus is to help students develop soft skills as much the work place skills they will need to succeed in their chosen career path. through this process we are less concerned about what each student determines about his or her opportunities as we are about how he or she sees themselves in relation to those opportunities. More than making students do things, the CTE component strives to let students find ways of doing things. This is why we are less interested in the something they become; instead, we are more concerned in the someone they become.

One of our goals of James Valley Career and Tech Center is to build pathways of opportunities for students. Enrolled students of our programs acquire a strong knowledge background of our respected curricular offerings and develop essential skill sets which will enable them to better transition into the future occupation endeavors or the pursuit of higher education. Expected outcomes of our career development program leads to:

  • An increased student awareness of self and occupational option.
  • An increased knowledge of the world of work through systematic exposures to workers and settings.
  • A reduction in high school and college dropout rates.
  • A positive attitude toward work and preparation for work.
  • An increase in job placement and job satisfaction.
  • A more relevant education curriculum by bridging the school and the community.
  • An integration of educational efforts of all teachers around a common goal.

The James Valley Career and Tech classes are held at 910 12th Ave. NE in Jamestown, ND  58401. For a visit, contact: