JHS Art Department

Michael Dietz

Department Chair: Art 1, Art 2, Art 3, Art 4 and AP Studio Art

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Brad Hohnadel

Physical Science and Art 1

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ART 1 - Elective 9–12 - 1/2 credit

This course is an introduction to the basic principles of art. The areas to be covered are: elements and
principles of design, drawing, shading, perspective, print-making, painting, digital art, sculpture and pottery.
This course is designed for the beginning art student.

ART 2 - Elective 9–12 - 1/2 credit

Prerequisite: Art 1
This course deals with art principles on a more technical level. The areas to be covered are: color
theory, painting, design, composition, value, figure drawing, sculpture, and pottery. This course may also
provide a discussion and exploration of career opportunities in the art world. Although this course focuses
on creation, it may also include the study of major artists, art movements, and styles.

ART 3 - Elective 10–12 - 1/2 credit

Prerequisite: Art 1 & 2
This course is designed for the advanced art student and it provides the student with the knowledge
and opportunity to explore an art form and to create individual works of art. This class will involve projects
in the areas of: drawing, painting, pottery, sculpture, and print-making.

ART 4 - Elective 10–12 - 1/2 credit

Prerequisite: Art 3 (with permission of instructor)
This course is designed for the advanced art student. As students advance and become more adept,
the instruction regarding the creative process becomes more refined, and students are encouraged to
develop their own artistic styles. This class will involve projects in the area of: drawing, painting, sculpture,
glass etching, collage, ink, and watercolor.

AP STUDIO ART - Elective 11–12 - 1/2 credit

Prerequisite: Art 4 (with permission of instructor)
AP Studio Art is for highly motivated students who are seriously interested in the study of art; the program
demands significant commitment. It is highly recommended that studio art students have previous training
in art. As in any introductory college course, students will need to work outside the classroom, as well as in
it, and beyond scheduled periods. Students will develop technical skills and familiarize themselves with the
functions of visual elements as they create an individual portfolio of work for evaluation at the end of the
course. The emphasis of this class is on critical analysis and innovative art-making processes and products.
This is a dual credit class.

Art Department Faculty

Pictured Front L to R: Michael Dietz and Brad Hohnadel