Jamestown High School People

Brandon Bondley

Department Chair: Intro to Guitar, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, and Band 9

Kimberly Carpenter

Department Chair: Algebra I, Mathematical Thinking & Design Lab and MTSS Math Flex Enrichment

Debra Fischer

Health Science Careers, Intro to Sports Medicine and Medical Terminology

Kenneth Gardner

AP English Language/Comp, English 2, Government / Government DC, and Speech/Debate

Marchel Krieger

Department Chair: Economics, Government and AP US Government & Politics

Thomas Maus

Algebra 2, Probability & Statistics, Essentials of Algebra and MTSS Math Flex Enrichment

Shelly Moltzen

Department Chair: English III, World Literature, and Applied Communications

Matthew Mootz

Agri Science 2, Small Animal Care & Management, Intro to Food Science, Intro to Ag Science, Horticulture, and Intro to Veterinary Science

William Nelson

Department Co-Chair: Strength & Conditioning and Personal Fitness I/II

Michelle Reed

Department Chair: Computer Applications, Personal Finance, Word Processing, and Programming Basics

Claudia Wolf

Department Chair: Clothing/Textiles 1 & 2, Independent Living and Nutrition & Food Prep 1 & 2