JHS Profile

Mission Statement:  "Learning For All"

Jamestown High School
Box 269
Jamestown, ND 58402-0269
CEEB Code: 350923

Attention: Admissions Officer
Subject: Supplementary Transcript Information-School Profile

Jamestown High School is a four (4) year comprehensive public high school located in South Central North Dakota with an enrollment of 750+ students. A minimum of 22 credits are needed for graduation, which include the following requirements:

  • 4 credits English
  • 3 credits Mathematics
  • 3 credits Science
  • 4 credits Social Studies
  • 2.5 credits Electives
  • 3 credits Fine Arts, Forg. Lang. or Career Tech
  • .5 credit Pers. Fin. (2012 & beyond)
  • 1 credit Physical Education
  • .5 credit Computer Course
  • .5 credit Health

Total Credits: 22

Seven Period Day: Jamestown High School currently operates on a 51 minute class period per day for 182 days per academic year. The school year is divided into four terms, each consisting of nine weeks. The seven period day runs from 7:47 am to 3:12 pm.

Dual Credit: Juniors and seniors at JHS are able to enroll in post secondary academic or vocational courses from regionally and nationally accredited colleges or technical schools and receive both high school and college credit.

Students must register for and have the dual credit class approved before the class begins. Juniors or seniors considering dual credit must have a 3.2 or higher cumulative GPA.

Cooperative Occupational Education earns 1/2 credit per term which includes at least 10 hours per week at an approved job site.

Practicum Courses earn .5 credit per term. Sophomores,juniors, and seniors are provided an opportunity to work in an internship program in the following areas: library or teacher aide. In these programs, supervisors prepare students to do a variety of operational tasks which develop and enhance student skills in organization, responsibility, technical areas, etc.

Class rank and grade point averages (cumulative) are computed at the end of each semester.

Accreditation: JHS is fully accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.  The North Central Association is the largest educational accrediting agency in the United States. Its membership consists of selected colleges and secondary schools in a nineteen state region.

Marking System: A=4.0, B=3.0, C=2.0, D=1.0, F=0

Academic Weighted Grading: JHS offers Advance Placement Calculus, Advance Placement Government, Advance Placement English, and AP Studio Art classes. They have a weighted scale as follows: A=4.0, B=4.0, C=3.0, D=2.0, F=1.0

“Learning for all.”