Health Science Careers

Health Science Careers gives you medical fundamentals and allows you to explore a variety of Health Career Services.

  • Medical Terminology-Dual Credit Option*Anatomy and Physiology
  • Certified Nurse Aide Training
  • Nursing Fundamentals
  • Disease Prevention
  • CPR and First Aid Certification

Intro to Health Careers
Elective 10-12
1 Credit

This program is designed to introduce students to today’s health care community. Students will receive instruction on how the health care system works, current issues and trends, careers in health, and units of study on professional ethics, confidentiality and patient rights. Students will participate in a project-based curriculum through the use of guest speakers and hands-on-activities throughout the year. All students have the opportunity to obtain CPR, First Aid, and Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certifications by May of the school year. This program is a one-year program providing students an opportunity to explore a variety of health occupations.

Health Science Careers
Elective 11-12
2 Credits

Health Careers is designed to provide students considering a career in health the opportunity to develop a broader knowledge and insight into the work of the health professionals. Health Careers uses classroom based instruction, hands-on experience, speakers from the community and field trips to instruct the student. Students will expand their skills and knowledge in specific areas of career interest by being involved in actual on-the-job experiences. All students will be certified in CPR & First Aid and will have the opportunity to become certified as a nursing assistant. The program is designed to give students a better understanding of their career focus and help them in making career decisions.

Cooperative Learning
Elective 11-12
1/2 Credit

Prerequisite: Intro to Health Careers, Medical Terminology or Health Careers

Cooperative learning is open to students who have proved they are responsible, self-motivated, have a positive work attitude. The student will meet with the instructor/coordinator on a regularly scheduled basis. The student will receive employment experience in a health care facility with the purpose of providing occupational training that gives the students a first-hand experience of work in their chosen field. Training plans and agreements are developed by the business training sponsor, teacher, and student focusing on the career development of the student. Students are normally paid according to the cooperative job performed and are released from school during approved training periods.

Special Note: The number of recommended hours of training is 15 per week for 36 weeks (540 hours) per credit. A student must be employed a minimum of 150 hours for 18 weeks, or the equivalent to earn ½ credit. Students are not normally allowed to be employed by a parent or relative.

Medical Terminology
Elective 11-12
1/2 Credit

Medical abbreviations and terminology are used in all health care occupations and faculties. In order to communicate effectively, health care workers must be familiar with common abbreviations and terminology. Medical terminology will interest students who are contemplating entering the health care field as well as students who are consumers of medical services.

This course may be taken for dual credit with the student earning 3 college credits through Lake Region Community College. The student must be a junior or senior and have a 3.0 GPA in order to be eligible for college credits.


Laurie Christensen, James River CTC Health Careers Instructor

Laurie Christensen
Skills USA Co-Advisor