Family and Consumer Sciences

All Family & Consumer Sciences classes listed below are held at Jamestown High School.

CLOTHING/TEXTILES 1 -Elective 9–12 -1/2 credit

Students in Clothing and Textiles Class will explore such topics as clothing and society, the fashion world, careers in fashion and the textiles industry, color and design, fibers and fabrics, clothing selection – within a budget, care and repair of clothing and textiles in home decor, sewing techniques – both machine and hand stitching and needlework crafts. The students will complete 2 major projects, one of which is constructing a quilt using the various techniques learned in class. The skills learned in this class will be used throughout life when planning, selecting and caring for clothing and other textile items in the home. There will be a cost involved for the project the students complete and take home.

CLOTHING/TEXTILES 2 (Offered when numbers justify) - Elective 10–12 -- 1/2 credit

This course is a continuation of Clothing/Textiles 1. It provides students with knowledge and skills to identify and incorporate design details in textile items for the home or in garments. Students will assess and use commercially produced patterns, and design patterns for use in quilt making. This is a project-oriented class that incorporates all curriculum areas. Sewing lab experiences may include design and construction of one or more projects related to the concepts taught. Students will create a quilt of their own design or approved pattern. There will be a cost involved for materials for the projects the students make and take home.

FAMILY LIVING - Elective 11-12 - ½ credit

Family Living class is designed to help students meet the challenges of shifting life styles and prepare them for future roles. The class looks at past and present customs and family traditions. Through the use of videos, guest speaker presentations, and class discussions, students will look at: dating and peer pressure, decision making and communication skills, marital and family adjustments, family crisis and how to cope, parenting, aging parents, and other current topics related to family living. Students will go through the process/customs involved in becoming engaged, planning for marriage and a wedding – preparing a cost sheet illustrating the actual cost of a wedding. The class is an excellent way to strengthen one’s self, to be more effective in their present families, and in turn be effective parents, should they choose to have families of their own.

INDEPENDENT LIVING - Elective 11–12 - 1/2 credit

Independent Living class is designed to help students become better prepared to live on their own. They will begin by taking a close up view of themselves – their growth and development, personalities, attitudes and decision making skills. The second part of the class deals with skills for life, such as careers, a place to live, clothing selection, maintenance and repair, meeting food needs, and managing time and money. The students will learn basic sewing techniques and complete a sewing project, practice safety and sanitation in the kitchen when preparing food items, and complete a room design project. This is a class that will benefit everyone as they graduate high school and become independent citizens in our society.

NUTRITION & FITNESS - 1 Semester 1/2 credit

Nutrition and Fitness is a joint class with the Physical Education Department. This course looks at current topics in Nutrition, Wellness and Physical Activity.

NUTRITION & FOOD PREP 1 - Elective 9-10 - 1/2 credit

This course is designed to introduce students to the world of Foods and Nutrition and to begin to develop a love of cooking. It will increase their knowledge and skills when working with food. It allows students to discover how the food they eat affects their health. They will investigate and analyze healthy diets and various eating disorders. Students will learn how to plan nutritious and appealing meals. They will prepare foods from each of the food groups as well as teen favorites, including salads, soups, breads, cakes, cookies, appetizers, meats and dairy products. They will also have an opportunity to sample various foods prepared for them as demonstrations by the instructor. They will learn of the importance of safety and sanitation in the kitchen and practice these skills when cooking in the kitchen labs. Students will have a chance to share a food tradition or family favorite food during the two family tradition feast days.

NUTRITION & FOOD PREP 2 - Elective 11–12 - 1/2 credit

Students will have an opportunity to practice many cooking techniques as they prepare a variety of foods from the food groups and various meal courses. Tasting new foods through demonstrations and cooking labs is an important part of the class. Students will spend time investigating food cultures and cuisines of people around the world, preparing many foods from the various countries and enjoying recipes prepared by guest cooks. A highlight of the class is the ethnic taste day and project. Students will also review safety and sanitation in the kitchen as well as the nutrition information necessary for healthy food choices. The skills learned in the class can be used throughout life when planning, selecting and preparing food for themselves and their families.


Mrs. Wolf, James River CTC Family & CS instructor

Mrs. Wolf