Child Care & Development

Child Development
Elective 9-10
1/2 Credit

Child Development is the study of how children grow and develop. Students will investigate how children grow – physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, and morally. Students will discover how to help children be healthy, secure, and happy. The child as a member of a family will be a topic, with emphasis placed on the importance of both mothering and fathering roles.

Current social issues affecting children will be addressed. These may include impact of family crises on children, child abuse and neglect, children with special needs, education, and non-family care. Consumer education will be included in topics such as the costs of bearing and raising a child.

Care & Development of the Young Child
Elective 11/12
2 Credits

This course is open to males and females in the 11th and 12th grades. It provides classroom instruction relating to the physical, mental, and social growth and development of the preschool child. A unit on parenting and infant care is also included. Students learn to operate and manage a play school at the Career and Technology Center and get additional experience by assisting in elementary classrooms, local day cares and nursery schools. This is a valuable course for students interested in early childhood education, elementary education, or those planning to be a parent, nanny, or operate or seek employment in a day care center.

Cooperative Learning
Elective 12
1/2-1 Credit

Prerequisite: Care and Development of the Young Child

This is a credit course designed for seniors who have successfully completed Care and Dev of the Young Child. It is designed to give students additional opportunity for skill development in their chosen occupational area. The student will meet with the teacher on a regularly scheduled basis while receiving experience working with children. Training plans and agreements are developed by the teacher and the student focusing on the career development of the student. This can be a paid or unpaid work experience.


Miss Olson, James River CTC child care instructor

Miss Olson

Students in Child Development coloring with their feet to grasp the concept of how difficult it is for children to write, color and develop fine motor skills.

Child Development Students coloring with feet.