Construction Technology Education

Students siding building

Construction Technology 1
Elective 9-10
1 Credit

This course is designed for the student who would like beginning hands on experience in the construction technology industry. Students will be instructed in basic carpentry skills. This course covers safety, tools, basic plumbing, electrical, and entry level construction skills. This is a valuable life skill course for any student who plans on using carpentry tools to repair, remodel, or construct a building, cabinets, or furniture.

Construction Technology 2 (Carpentry)
Elective 11-12
2 Credits

Carpentry skills geared to the construction and finishing of buildings and structures, as well as precision carpentry are taught. Students will also be instructed in basic plumbing and wiring of house electrical systems. Entry level occupations include: construction worker, house repairman, apprentice mason and roofer.

Construction Technology 3
Elective 12
2 Credits

Prerequisite: Construction Technology 2

Building construction, planning, estimating costs, and advance carpentry skills, including some management training are taught. Entry level occupations include: carpenter apprentice, cabinet maker, apprentice electrician, drywall worker, and painter.


Mr. Thoreson, Instructor

Mr. Thoreson
Skills USA Co-Advisor

Students working on the roof of a small building.
Students leveling an area of concrete.