JMS Student of the Month

Congratulations on being chosen as JMS's Student of the Month. Each of these students has shown the qualities of being a person of character.

Thank you for promoting "Learning For All" at Jamestown Middle School.



The Delta House recognizes students for the following qualities:  exemplary behavior, positive attitude toward school and learning, positive role model, genuine kindness to others, and strong study habits.


Omega Student of the Month is chosen by showing the qualities of being a person of character. A person of character treats people with RESPECT, is FAIR, is CARING, shows RESPONSIBILITY by being accountable, doing his or her best, is TRUSTWORTHY by being honest, showing integrity, keeping promises, and is a GOOD CITIZEN. These students show Pride in Self, Pride in Others, and Pride in School which all supports our mission "Learning For All".


The Alpha House recognizes students for their effort in the areas of academics, leadership, kindness towards others, and for having a positive attitude towards school and learning.


The Beta House proudly selects our Students of the Month based on several characteristics. We look for qualities such as being a positive example for their peers, making sure daily work is neat and of the utmost quality, as well as showing an excitement for learning and a dedication for going above and beyond.

ALPHA:  October
ALPHA:  November
ALPHA:  December
ALPHA:  January
ALPHA: February
ALPHA: March
  • Torrie Mack
  • Carsten Metzger
ALPHA: April
BETA:  October
BETA: November
BETA:  December
BETA:  January
BETA:  February
BETA:  March
BETA: April
  • Kendyl Anderson
  • Dominic Coombs
  • Ryan Larson
  • Krysta Schmiedeberg

Kappa House Students of the Month display exemplar character through respect, trustworthiness, and responsibility in order to create a positive school environment where there is pride in self, pride in others, and pride in school.


The Sigma House proudly selects our Students of the Month based on the students' ability to demonstrate exceptional character and academic maturity. They possess an attitude of empowerment for themselves as well as others.