Student Support Groups

Why Student Support Groups?

Several student support groups are offered throughout the school year as needed as part of the counseling program. Student support groups provide an opportunity for additional personal and social skill building. they provide a chance for students to share, to increase their sense of belonging, and to build personal skills in that area. Working with the students in a closer group relationship allows the counselor to gain better insight into strengths and weaknesses of the child and allows the opportunity to see the child relating in a school setting.

Student Support Groups Offered

Keep It Cool: This group is designed to help students who have difficulty dealing with their anger and maintaining self control in different situations. They will learn to identify what triggers their anger and techniques for more effectively managing their feelings.

FISH (Families in Separate Homes): This group is designed for students whose parents are separating or divorced. When parents divorce many changes occur in students lives and it helps to be able to talk with other young people who are going through the same things.

Grief: This group is designed to help students who have lost a loved one. Topics include: everyone grieves differently, dealing with changes the loss has created, identifying support systems, and keeping their loved one’s memory alive.

Study Skills: These groups are offered at every grade level with referrals coming from house teams. The students will learn time management, organization, and test taking skills. They will also examine factors that motivate them and learn the importance of good attendance and completing homework daily.

Why Try: This group is designed to encourage students to believe in themselves and overcome challenges in their lives when they are frustrated, confused, or angry at life’s pressures and challenges. The program uses many experiential activities to encourage students to make good decisions that result in more opportunity, freedom, and self respect.