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Personal and Social

Mission Statement:  The Jamestown Public Schools Counseling and Social Work Department’s mission is to recognize each student’s uniqueness and personal worth and to support all students as they acquire the academic, career, and personal/social competencies necessary to become effective students, responsible citizens, productive workers, and lifelong learners.

Who are Professional School Counselors?

Professionals with. . .
Masters Degree in School Counseling

What Do School Counselors Do?

Professional school counselors provide a wide-range of services in the schools, based on individual student needs and student interests, including, but not limited to:
School Guidance Curriculum
  • Structured lessons for all students
  • Provide knowledge and skills appropriate for student's developmental level
Individual Student Planning
  • Help students establish personal goals
  • Assist students in developing future plans
Responsive Services
  • Individual or group counseling
  • Consultation with parents and teachers
  • Referrals to support services or community resources
  • Peer helping
  • Information
System Support
  • Collaboration and coordination of services

We are available to you Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Please feel free to call or make an appointment.

Elementary counseling and guidance services are available to all students, not just those in a crisis situation.

Referrals can come from teachers, agencies, staff, and/or concerned members of the community.

School counselors and school social workers work predominately with school related issues. They are not therapists. When issues go beyond their training, parents are encouraged to seek therapy within the community

"Studies show that high-quality counseling can prevent students from turning to violence, drug, or alcohol abuse, as well as improve grades and reduce classroom disruptions." -Former U.S. Secretary of Education Rod Paige

Who Are School Social Workers?

Professionals with . . .
Bachelors or Masters Degree in Social Work


What Do School Social Workers Do?

Help students to:
  • Cope in times of crisis
  • Maintain regular school attendance
  • Become resilient, successful learners
  • Gain personal and social competencies
Support parents to:
  • Actively participate in their child's education
  • Access school and community resources
  • Ensure regular school attendance for their child
  • Strengthen parenting skills
Assist school staff to:
  • Work effectively with parents
  • Understand family, cultural, and community factors affecting students' educational progress and success
  • Implement effective prevention programs and policies
Link schools and community resources to:
  • Coordinate education and community resource services
  • Develop resources to adequately meet the needs of students and families
  • Effective learning in school and across the lifespan
  • Academic preparation for post-secondary options
  • Relationship of academics, work, family and community
  • Investigate the world of work to make informed decisions
  • Strategies to achieve future career goals
  • Relationship of personal qualities, education, training
  • 1:1 or group counseling
  • Interpersonal skills to respect self and others
  • Decision making, setting goals and taking action to achieve goals
  • Understanding everyday safety and survival skills