JPS District Strategic Planning

Jamestown Public Schools Strategic Planning 2018-2019




  • Committed to developing a strong and viable strategic planning process
  • Moving systems from reactive to proactive
  • Building the capacity for strategic focus and results
  • Aligning the academic and operational systems
  • Aligning accreditation process to district initiatives and goals
  • Creating consistency and transparency in the district's focus to educate the students they serve

Why Plan for the Future?

  • Set the course for the future
  • Change is inevitable - we can wait for change to occur or we can proactively seek change as a way to stay current and relevant.
  • Proactive vs. Reactive
  • "Hope for the best is not strategic initiative!"

"All to often we have behaved like bystanders, swayed by other's decisions and constantly reacting to situational crisis. By merely reacting to demands for change, anarchy frequently results; we try to be all things to all people, probably satisfying not one of those whom we are attempting to serve. We  must relinquish our role as bystanders and become proactive help create the kind of world we want for tomorrow's children"

(page XIV)  Educational Planning: Strategic, Tactical, and Operational, 1999, by Kaufman, Herman, and Watters

"Organizations that want to survive, prosper, and do good and important work must respond to the challenges the world presents. Their response may be to do the same thing they have always done, only better, but they may also need to shift their focus and strategies." 

*Strategic Planning for Public and Non-profit organizations, 2018, by John M Bryson (page 6).

"Strategic planning helps organizations achieve two critical outcomes: clear decisions about purpose and strategy and commitment to those decisions. It is a process designed to support leaders in being intentional rather than reactive."

Strategic Planning for Non-profit organizations, 2015, Michael Allison & Jude Kaye (page 1)

Reactive vs. Proactive Mindset

Proactive Model  Digital Model of Proactive Mindset with consistency and very little high response.

Reactive Model Reactive Model showing highs and lows in reaction to stimulus. Wasted time, wasted talent, wasted resources, lost opportunities and perpetual stress.


Change Model-Building a Capacity for Change

Change Model with Present State/Why Change? Desired Future/Transition and Managing During Transition

Resource Allocation and Investments

Resource Allocation Cycle:  Federal-State-Local-Other-Standard of Effort Report-ROI "Rate of Return on Investment"

One-Two Year Timeline

Timeline depicting process from October 2018 through Spring 2020. Including Scoping, Planning, Implementation and Analysis/Results

Strategic Planning Process

Scoping & Data Collection

  • Planning Committee
  • Surveys 
    • Community
    • Staff
    • Students
  • AdvancED
  • Data Collection
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Values
  • Initiatives
  • Goals
  • Objectives
  • Results
  • Draft
  • Refine
  • Finalize
  • Operational planning - strategies
    • District Level
    • Building Level
  • Implementation
  • Assessment
  • Results

Current Mission Statement

"Learning For All"

Blue Jay Mascot Logo


Current Vision

  • A safe, orderly environment
  • Clear and focused academic goals for each student
  • Frequent monitoring of each student's learning
  • Additional opportunities to learn for those who initially struggle
  • A collaborative culture
  • High expectations for each student
  • Strong Leadership
  • Effective partnership with parents


Current Strategic Goals

  • Goal 1--The Jamestown school district will revisit and clarify roles and responsibilities of the board of education and school administration and adjust board practice as appropriate.
  • Goal 2 -- The Jamestown school district will revisit and update plans related to technology and school safety/security.
  • Goal 3 -- The Jamestown school district will develop and implement a facilities and land master plan that addresses maintenance and upgrading of existing facilities, examines present school configuration, identifies needs for possible new facilities/structures, and ensures that facilities and land are utilized effectively and efficiently.
  • Goal 4 -- The Jamestown school district will revisit and revise its mission and vision statements and address social/cultural changes.
  • Goal 5 -- The Jamestown school district will develop and implement a plan to assess and prioritize new staffing needs.
  • Goal 6 -- The Jamestown school district will develop and implement a plan to review and revise the system for supervising and evaluating all school personnel.
  • Goal 7 -- The Jamestown school district will develop and implement a plan to assess and prioritize new and existing programs and service needs.