School Transportation

School Transportation service is provided for the rural public school area students by the school district at no cost. Rural private school students may be transported if space is available.

Bus Sign-up will be held at the Middle School ONLY!
Bus service will be provided according to prioritized routes in the following order:
  1. Special education routes which are directed in a student's individualized Education Plan (IEP)
  2. Rural routes
  3. City routes
Private school students may be transported if space is available. When available, intracity transportation is limited to those students who live 10 blocks or more from school. The cost for a family is $135/semester per child for the first two children, $120/semester for each additional family member attending school in grades K-12. RURAL students wishing transportation

service must also register on the above dates.

If your student(s) does not need transportation anymore, please contact the Bus Transportation Personal at the Administration Office at 252-1950. A Refund Form will need to be filled out and submitted before any remaining fee is refunded.