Technology: Help Desk

Thanks for contacting the Help Desk.

Please review the following list of people to contact for specific tech-related concerns who may help solve your issue before submitting a request. Always start with your Building Facilitator and then refer to the following if they are not able to help.

Technology: Help Desk Contact by Building




Cody Mickelson
Lynn Kosel


Laura Weis
Michelle Prasek

Lincoln Elementary Danika Smith
Louis L'Amour

Heather Tomlin-Rohr

Roosevelt Jada Anderson

Brenda Jensen
Sandy Strahm

Wm. S. Gussner Kelly Bauer
Technology: Help Desk Contact by Program
Program Contact Person contact Information
App-District Pam Brown
Apple iPads    
Badge Pass Jane Lorig
Blackboard-ParentLink Pam Brown
Blocking/Unblocking Websites Mike Armitage/Pam Brown
Child Nutrition Shelley Mack
ConnectED-online text Pam Brown
Discovery Education Pam Brown
Edmodo Pam Brown
Keyboarding W/O Tears Pam Brown
MTSS Brandie Ulland
Network/Internet Mike Armitage
PowerSchool Lisa Hoffer
Scholastic Read 180 Anjie Horn
ShoreTel Phone System    
STARS Lisa Hoffer
SuccessMaker Tech Dept.
Survey Monkey Pam Brown
Tizmos Pam Brown
Website Pam Brown