The Jamestown Public School District recognizes the need to engage all staff members in the process of continuous professional growth. We will accomplish this with a comprehensive and coordinated plan of professional development. Effective professional development must be collaborative, job-embedded, ongoing and supported by coaching and mentoring. JPS employees must be provided with training to meet the needs of all students, inclusive of all sub-groups while utilizing 21st Century teaching and learning competencies.

Goal 1:  Literacy Lens Audit Report Recommendations
The Jamestown Public School District will develop a professional learning plan utilizing the seven recommendations made in the Literacy Lens Audit report, delivered by Dr. Angela Peery, as part of the Striving Readers grant. teachers and principals must be provided with training to meet the literacy needs of all students. The use of the Marzano principal and teacher evaluation models must connect the work done through training related to content standards and student engagement strategies for principal and teacher evaluations designed to provide feedback intended for growth.
  1. Develop a detailed, well-communicated Literacy Framework which communicates what is expected of educators to move toward higher student literacy achievement.
  2. Create a guaranteed and viable K-12 curriculum for reading/English language arts instruction.
  3. Establish Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) in each of the buildings to focus on the essential questions of high functioning PLCs.
  4. Develop, implement, and sustain a viable instructional/literacy coaching model.
  5. Enrich classroom and school literacy environments so that the focus on literacy is ever-present throughout the school district.
  6. Examine K-12 literacy access to ensure that students and teachers have the appropriate resources to be highly engaged in literacy initiatives.
  7. Undertake comprehensive professional development in balanced literacy for administrators and coaches.
Progress Monitoring
  1. A Literacy Framework document will be created and communicated to all stakeholders by the end of the 2018/2019 School Year.
  2. The Literacy Framework document will be reviewed and updated annually.
  3. Develop a desired learners outcome document at each grade level for reading, writing, and speaking by the end of the 2020/2021 School Year.
  4. Provide professional development for building principals and teachers on the elements and practices of effective PLCs by August, 2019.
  5. Develop a PLC monitoring report to be completed by building PLC teams each semester.
  6. Adopt an instructional coaching model by the 2020/2021 School Year.
  7. Identify additions made to classroom and school libraries in response to the Literacy Lens Audit report by the 2020/2021 School Year.
Goal 2:  Professional Learning Supporting Best Instructional Practices and Leadership
The Jamestown Public School District recognizes that regular, job-embedded professional development is critical to high-quality instruction and professional growth. The district believes that building capacity in best instructional practices and leadership, along with a regular cycle of observations and actionable feedback, provides the necessary support for teachers to thrive.
  1. Formalize a professional development plan for each school year.
  2. Establish a systemic and sustainable model to develop teacher-leaders through a Teacher Leadership Academy.
Progress Monitoring
  1. A Professional Development Committee will be established by October, 2019, under the direction of the Curriculum/Professional Development Coordinator, to review the needs assessment data and draft an annual professional development plan.
  2. A district-wide professional development plan will be created and communicated to all stakeholders by May 15 of each year.
  3. Provide exit slips to assess the value of professional development opportunities for teaching staff.
  4. Begin the first cohort of the Teacher Leadership Academy by June, 2019.
Goal 3: Governance Development
The Jamestown Public School District is committed to developing and sustaining a high-quality governance structure. The Jamestown School Board will utilize strategies to support effective governance competencies through capacity building in research-based effective governance and continuous improvement.
  1. Conduct local professional development, across the Six Competencies of Effective Governance, embedded into school board meetings.high-quality, actionable feedback to strengthen growth and to build capacity in pedagogical best practices that will extend beyond the life of the grant.
  2. Maintain school board goals/norms, separate from strategic planning goals.
  3. Create and implement a school board self-assessment that includes a perspective on both individual and collective board governance.
  4. Revise the orientation process for new school board members.
  5. Increase opportunities to engage with community partners.
Progress Monitoring
  1. Annually review local professional development to ensure that topics are meeting developmental needs of school board members and include board education involving community partners.
  2. Review, and revise if necessary, existing school board norms each year during a school board retreat.
  3. Conduct and report on school board self-assessments before the superintendent evaluations by September, 2019.
  4. Complete the school board orientation revision by June, 2020.
  5. Invite administrators and elected officials from the City of Jamestown and Jamestown Parks and Recreation to hold a joint board every year to discuss issues, current and future needs and collective state of affairs regarding the community and school district.
Goal 4: Staff Development for Support Staff
The Jamestown Public School District recognizes the value of support staff in the success of the school district. Opportunities for the professional development of support staff will be targeted and implemented as appropriate.
  1. Provide professional development, as appropriate, to support staff.
  2. Include specific areas within the annual professional development plan for support staff.
Progress Monitoring
  1. Provide exit slips to assess the value of professional development opportunities for support staff.
  2. Include one support staff on the Professional Development Committee, which will be established by October, 2019.
  3. Inclusion of support staff in the district-wide professional development plan which will be created and communicated to all stakeholders by May 15 of each year.