What is Global Literacy?

Global literacy is an understanding of how the world is organized and interconnected. It brings awareness of the possibilities and constraints facing the world’s people. Students who are globally literate are able to think critically about the world and the role that they play in it. These students have an understanding of and appreciation for the different cultures, customs, systems and relationships that exist throughout the world. Globally literate students are empowered to affect positive change in the world.

Global literacy promotes and encourages:

  • inquiry, reasoning and problem solving
  • collaboration
  • communication and an understanding of world languages and cultures
  • an understanding of globalized systems and political realities
  • responsible global citizenship
  • respect for diversity
  • an understanding of the skills and technologies that are necessary for life in the 21st century
  • the ability for students to become advocates for themselves and their city/state/country

What are we doing in Jamestown?

We undertake a great deal of activities to make global connections and help create awareness in our foreign language classes.  Please send any ideas you have that could be helpful!

  • Bring HS international students to classrooms for presentations and participation in activities
  • Present mini-language lessons in German and/or Spanish on a variety of topics
  • Connect classrooms with community members 
  • Read texts (both familiar and new) in the target language
  • Create cultural projects and presentations (Cinco de mayo, winter holidays, foods, music)
  • German Club and Spanish Club for extended learning outside of class time
  • Create advertisements, podcasts, newspaper articles, video and radio clips, travel guides, etc. in the target language.
  • Use of the school kitchen to cook foods of German and Spanish speaking countries.
  • Travel to Concordia Language Villages each spring to practice and develop confidence in language skills through immersion.
  • Celebrate Foreign Language Week each spring with a variety of language-based activities to place context with our classroom work.


Information on this page was created with East Troy Public School as a reference.

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