Jamestown High School People

Brandon Bondley

Intro to Guitar, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, and Band 9

Kari Bowman

Para Educator Special Education

Jenna Brehm-Gibson


Sara Burnham

Para Educator Learning Center

Kimberly Carpenter

Department Chair: Algebra I and Informal Geometry

Jason Carroll

Para Educator In School Suspension Supervisor

Daysha Conway

English 2, Applied Communication, and English Intervention

Thomas Copeland

Auto Maintenance & Light Repair

Della Dewald

Para Educator Special Education

Michael Dietz

Art 1, Art 2, Art 3, Art 4 and AP Studio Art

David Duttenhefer

Para Educator Special Education

Arnold Falk

Geometry and Informal Geometry

Debra Fischer

Health Science Careers, Intro to Sports Medicine and Medical Terminology

Andrew Fitzgerald

Department Co-Chair: PhyEd/Health 9, Personal Fitness and Living Sports

Adrienne Gahm

Athletic Trainer

Kenneth Gardner

AP English Language/Comp, English 2, Government / Government DC, and Speech/Debate

Lori Haas

Para Educator Special Education

Paul Hanson

US History and ND Studies

Darby Heinert

Applied Communications and English 4

Leigh Hintz

AP Calculus, Informal Algebra, and Pre-Calculus

Brad Hohnadel

Physical Science and Art 1

April Holtzhausen

Assistant Cook / Cashier / Office Assistant

Denise Koble

Assistant Cook / Cashier

Kacey Kosel

English 2, English 3 and AP English Lit/Comp

Lynn Kosel

Department Chair: Chemistry and Physics

Debbie Krebs

Environmental Science and Biology

Marchel Krieger

Economics, Government and AP US Government & Politics

Philip Kroeber

Anatomy & Physiology, Biology

Ali Kuno

Assistant Custodian

Sadie Lech

Special Education Strategist

Allison Mack

Web Page & Graphic Design 1 and 2, Accounting 1 and 2, and Computer Applications

Shelley Mansavage

Child Development in the Young Child and Child Development

Thomas Maus

Algebra 2, Transitional Math and Probability & Statistics

Anthony McIntyre

English 1, Creative Writing, and Drama

Cheryl McIntyre

Concert Choir, Choir 9, and Music Theory

Cody Mickelson

German 1, German 2, German 3 and German 4

Grace Mikula

Para Educator Special Education

Misty Miller

Para Educator Special Education

Shelly Moltzen

Department Chair: English III, World Literature, and Applied Communications

Matthew Mootz

Agri Science 2, Small Animal Care & Management, Intro to Food Science, Intro to Ag Science, Horticulture, and Intro to Veterinary Science

Nichole Mosolf

Para Educator Special Education

Nicole Nelson

Special Education Strategist

William Nelson

Department Co-Chair: Strength & Conditioning and Personal Fitness I/II

Donna Neys

Para Educator Special Education

Teresa Olson

Special Education Strategist

Teresa Palmer-Visser

Applied Communications 2 and English Intervention 10

Michelle Reed

Department Chair: Computer Applications, Personal Finance, Word Processing, and Programming Basics

Linda Roaldson

Activity Director Secretary

Anthony Roth

Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Spanish 3 and Spanish 4

Julie Silbernagel

Para Educator Special Education Transition House

Benjamin Smith

Civics, Sociology and Psychology

Cheryl Sunderland

Physical Education / Health 9

Debra Tarbell

Para Educator Special Education

Robert Thoreson

Construction Tech 2, Construction Tech 3, and Construction

Denise Walton

Special Education Strategist

Jeanette Wegner

Para Educator Special Education

Brent Weston

Para Educator Employment Specialist

Maria Willer

Para Educator Special Education

Claudia Wolf

Clothing/Textiles 1 & 2, Independent Living and Nutrition & Food Prep 1 & 2