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Athletic Hall of Fame 

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The intent and purpose of the Jamestown High School Athletic Hall of Fame is to honor and preserve the memory of those athletes, teams, coaches, and others who have contributed in a very outstanding and positive way to the promotion of the Jamestown High School Athletic Programs.

An Executive Committee shall oversee the overall operation of the Jamestown High School Athletic Hall of Fame. This committee will meet one time each year to ensure that there is an adequate pool of nominees for the Selection Committee.

Nominations for the Jamestown High School Athletic Hall of Fame shall be presented in writing to the Selection Committee by completing the required nomination form and submitting to the JHS Activities Director either through mail or email by March 15th to be considered for the upcoming school year.

The nominees shall be asked to provide a resume and information attesting to their athletic career at Jamestown High School and post high school. Resumes must be received by April 15th in order to be considered for induction at homecoming that same year. Information received after April 15th will be held over for consideration the following year.

The records of the nominees shall be kept by the JHS Activities Director for the selection committee from year to year. Nominees not selected for induction in the year of the nomination will remain in an active pool for five years. After five years of non-selection, the nomination will be moved to an inactive status. The nomination must be re-submitted to the Selection Committee in order to be moved back to active status.

The Selection Committee shall meet throughout the year. The committee will select inductees in the categories of athlete, coach, team and honorary. The Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony shall be held annually in conjunction with Jamestown Student Council's Homecoming Activities under the leadership and responsibility resting with the Hall of Fame Committee and the Jamestown High School Activities Director.

Contact information:  JHS.HOF@k12.nd.us
Donations can be made at the above email address.