Teaching Gifted Kids in Today’s Classroom

**Teachers- the following ideas are a summary from the book. There are many more specific ideas! Please let us know if you would like help implementing any strategies!!

Differentiation Ideas from

Teaching Gifted Kids in Today’s Classroom

by Susan Winebrenner

7 Steps to Successful Compacting

  • Identify the learning objectives or standards that all students must learn.
  • Give students time to examine the content to be tested.
  • Offer a pretest opportunity to volunteers.
  • Have extension activities available for those who can “compact out” of specific learning activities.
  • Eliminate all standardized test drill, practice, and review for students who have already demonstrated advanced levels of mastery.
  • Decide how you will keep accurate records of the students’ compacting experiences.
  • Devise a method for storing compacting documents.