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Hands-On EQ logo: Making algebra child's play!The children will be working with a program called Hands-On Equations® that will provide them with a sound introduction to basic algebraic concepts.

The instructional system uses game pieces consisting of pawns and numbered cubes, as well as a one dimensional picture of a balance. This process will enable students to visualize equations in ways that make them very clear and understandable. It is a system designed to enhance student self-esteem and interest in mathematics. In just a few lessons students learn to solve complex equations.

The children will be very actively involved in their learning and will be having fun at the same time. The Hands-On Equations website, www.borenson.com, has videos and offers a complimentary introductory webinar if this should be of interest to you. I believe you will quickly gain an appreciation of how this program works.

As students use Hands-On Equations, they will also be reinforcing their basic arithmetic facts. After children master the basics of the program they are introduced to a new mathematical notation, whose name is “star” and which is written as an x with a bar through it and looks like this, “x”. Star is simply another name for the opposite of x, so that x plus star is equal to zero.

(The Hands-On Equations information and image on this page are from Hands-On Equations, 2013)

Junior Great Books®

The Junior Great Books® program brings high-quality literature and student-centered discussion to the classroom while providing a superb framework for practicing reading comprehension, critical thinking, and writing. This program uses a method of reading and discussion known as Shared Inquiry™. This distinctive approach to learning enables teachers to foster a vibrant environment in which children learn the habits and strategies used regularly and naturally by good readers, thinkers, and learners. For more information about Junior Great Books visit their website at www.greatbooks.org.

(The Junior Great Books information and image on this page are from The Great Books Foundation, 2013)

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