ACTIVITY FEE: Due  December 12

There is an activity fee for elementary choir members as set by the Jamestown School Board.
Please check with your school’s principal at your school office about the amount the fee will be for your family.  The fee varies according to a family’s financial situation.

Pay this fee at YOUR SCHOOL’S OFFICE

Please do not bring your payment to choir rehearsal.  The secretary at your school will process your fee.
Students not paying fee in full by choir tour, May 4, may not go on tour with the choir.

The fee is $50 for each choir member. 

The reason for this fee being larger than other elementary activity fees is because our season is longer than other elementary activities.
Remember to check with your school’s principal or secretary about the fees and the cap on total fees for each student.

Checks should be made payable to Jamestown Public School


Busses will take students from rehearsal to their schools at 8:15 am.   Students from St. John’s Academy will also ride the bus.

Except for home school students, all students will be expected to ride the bus for the year.  Not using the bus occasionally is acceptable.   IF you will not be riding the bus on a given day, please inform Mrs. Meidinger by note or e-mail.

It is the responsibility of choir members to be on their very best behavior on the bus when returning to their school from choir rehearsals.   Self Control is a must from everyone as there are no chaperones on the bus for the students.


  • Wait inside MS doors until your bus arrives.  Wait to be dismissed by choir director before leaving the MS.                
  • Sit in your assigned area of the bus (by school)
  • Stay seated on bus until you arrive at your school.
  • Keep hands and feet to yourself.   Do not touch others or their property.
  • Inside voices only while on the bus.
  • Electronics may be used on the bus.  Ear buds or head phones must be worn while using electronic device.


Please make sure you eat breakfast BEFORE you arrive for rehearsal. Do no eat breakfast at school on choir mornings.

There will not be time for you to return to school, eat and get to class on time. You are to arrive at your school in time for class, ready to be an active participant to the class, not eating breakfast.

If you arrive at rehearsal before 7:20 a.m. you may bring a wrapped quick breakfast (non-messy) with you. It must be eaten before rehearsal begins. Anything not eaten must be wrapped and placed in your bag before rehearsal.

This is an honor choir. Members of the group are expected to be responsible for being ready for rehearsal and classes in a timely manner. Breakfast on the bus is not allowed and no member should be eating breakfast at school on choir mornings. Your teachers are expecting you in class on time on choir mornings.



The following is the schedule for both the Boys’ and Girls’ Choirs for the 2017-18 school year.

September 8           BOYS’ Choir – first rehearsal      7:30 a.m.  Room 136   Jamestown Middle School

September 11          GIRSL’ Choir – first rehearsal     7:30 a.m.     Room 136   Jamestown Middle School

DECEMBER 12             Jamestown Children’s Choir   Holiday Concert 7:00 p.m.   JHS Theatre  (Boys and Girls)
Meet in HS Choir Room at 6:15 p.m.
*Uniforms required               *Activity Fee due on this date at your school’s office

December 13 – January 3    NO CHOIR REHEARSALS for Boys’ or Girls’ Choirs

January 5 – BOYS’ Choir Rehearsals resume

January 8GIRLS’ Choir rehearsals resume

February 23   PICTURE DAY – Boys’ Choir   7:30 am  Middle School during rehearsal time

February 26   PICTURE DAY – Girls’ Choir   7:30 am. Middle School during rehearsal time

PICTURE DAY NOTESUniforms must be worn for pictures.  Arrive in full uniform.  Make arrangements to change when you return to your school.

April 11      Boys Choir Only     7:00 – 9:00 p.m.     Rehearse with Choralaires    Denault Auditorium 

April 13 - 14  Jamestown Boys’ Choir - (Boys’ Choir only)
Jamestown Choralaires Concert       7:30 p.m.  ~  JHSTheater
Boys meet in uniform at 6:30 p.m.
April 15  Sunshine Girls’ Choir - (Girls' Choir Only) 
Music Boosters’ Concert     3:00 p.m.      JHS Theater
Girls meet in uniform at 2:45 p.m. in the JHS Choir Room
APRIL 24    Jamestown Children’s Choir Spring Concert  7:00 pm    JHS Theatre  (Boys and Girls)
Ice Cream Social to follow concert in HS Commons  -BOYS’  Choir will host the social
Uniforms required-meet in JHS Choir Room at 6:30 p.m.

April 25     NO REHEARSAL for Boys’ or Girls’ Choirs

April 26     Boys’ Choir rehearsal

April 30     Girls’ Choir rehearsal                     

May 2       Last Choir rehearsal for both Boys’ & Girls’ Choirs  - DO NOT wear uniforms to rehearsal

MAY 2       Jamestown Children’s Choir Tour of Schools  (Boys and Girls)                        Uniforms Required
The choir will sing concerts at three elementary schools: Washington, Roosevelt and SJA.
MAY ???   Marketplace for Kids – Closing Ceremonies          (Boys and Girls)  NO UNIFORMS!
Perform for Closing Ceremony 1:40 p.m. (Time tentative)
This performance will not conflict with students' participation in the Marketplace experience.
***Other dates may be added to schedule as invitations to perform come in. We do take requests to perform in the community from time-to-time for conventions and community events, if arrangements are made in advance of the requested date.

Concert Expectations


Attendance at rehearsal is very important.  Attendance at a performance is expected!

Choir members are required to attend performances.  Please make arrangements to attend all scheduled performances.  You are a valuable part of the team.  No-one sits on the bench in a concert.  You are all starters on this team.

Cell Phones or other electronic devices should not be at performances.   Students may have cell phones in the warm-up room, but may not have them on their person before or during the performance.

All members are expected to be present at performances.  In order to maintain our high level of performance, attendance is required for all performances.   If you are going to be absent or late to a performance, please inform Mrs. Meidinger BEFORE the performance.

Remember that Jamestown Children's Choir members are guests at the High School and to the Music Department at the high school. Please walk in the high school, and follow all school expectations while in the high school building.

Make the necessary arrangements to be at ALL performances

UNIFORMS are to be worn for all concerts, with the exception of Market Place for Kids

Added Performances

As other dates for concerts come in, choir members will be informed of them. We do take requests to perform.   

If the request comes within a reasonable time ahead of the performance date, we will try to honor that date.


  • Uniforms will be worn at all choir performances except for Market Place for Kids.
  • Choir uniforms are to be worn at Jamestown Children’s Choir performances only.
  • Do not wear choir shirt for any other purpose.

Our new choir uniform will be the Jamestown Children’s Choir shirt, black dress pants and black shoes.

Choir Shirts

You will order your choir shirt.   An order form will be available for you to order the shirt. Completed order form and payment is due no later than October 1. If you have paid for your shirt, you will receive the shirt during rehearsal before our first concert on December 12. The shirt you purchase will be yours to keep. You will not return the shirt at the end of the year. 

The cost of the shirt is $17.00.  Checks should be made payable to Jamestown Public Schools Boys Choir, or Jamestown Public Schools Girls’ Choir.   


  • Black dress pants (No jeans, leggings or sweat pants)  No shiny fabrics please!
    • Pants that go to the toe.   No short pants.
  • Black closed toe shoes / No Boots
    • Shoes must be solid black.  No white or any other color side-walls.
    • Shoes may have a bow, buckle or decoration. Some sparkle is OK but not all sparkle
    • Shoes must have a back strap on them
    • NO flip flops, clogs or open back shoes
  • Natural, Nude or Tan nylons or tights – no white tights or socks
  • Jewelry:   Small post earrings only. No hoop or dangling earrings.
  • Hair:      It’s alright to style your hair before a concert. Please remember we are going for a uniform look, not an individual fashion statement.No big bows or head bands.  


  • Black dress pants - No jeans or sweat pants
  • Black dress shoes – No sneakers of any kind
  • Black socks only


Bad Weather Days

Parents and students will know whether or not there will be choir on snow days per the decision of the school superintendent.   Announcements concerning the status of school will be sent to parents through the school’s messaging system.  There will not be a separate announcement regarding cancellation of choir.  Here is our policy regarding choir rehearsals on the mornings we have bad weather:


If school is cancelled on a day choir is scheduled there will be NO CHOIR.                                                         

DELAY of the School Day:

If the school day is delayed in the morning due to bad weather, there will be NO CHOIR.

PERFORMANCE on day of bad weather:

Watch for announcements from the school about our performance plan.


CHOIR MEMBERS…please check carefully that you have everything BEFORE YOU LEAVE the middle school.

Busses will not return to the Middle School to collect your forgotten items!

Items left after rehearsal will be kept inside the choir room.   If you leave something behind, ask your school secretary to check with the middle school. The secretary at the Middle School may be contacted if you need to get in the room to get your lost items during school hours. (252-0317) EMERGENCY ONLY! 

IF the Choir Room is locked, you may not enter the room without a MS principal, teacher, secretary, or custodian present.   A Middle School Student MAY NOT go into the locked room to get your lost stuff without the presence of the above listed.

The Music Room at the Middle School may not be available after school hours.

Feel free to contact Mrs. Meidinger to help you with your lost item after school hours or on weekends if there is an emergency in finding the lost item before the next rehearsal.   

If you are missing something, please check out our lost and found area in the Music Room.  Items left in the choir Lost & Found will be taken to the Middle School Lost and Found during Christmas Vacation and at the end of the year.