The Jamestown Public School District has called for a referendum vote on September 25, 2018. This vote is asking patrons of the Jamestown school district to approve plans to district wide improvements at all schools.

Additional current information can be found through this page. 

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Referendum Facts

FAQ's regarding the Referendum

Board Memo:  Referendum Historical Background

Detailed Floor/Site Plans

Gussner School Logo - Link to Gussner Potential Project Components Lincoln Elementary Logo with link to Lincoln Potential Project Components
Louis L'Amour Logo with link to LLA Potential Project Components Roosevelt Elementary Logo with link to Roosevelt Potential Project Components
Jamestown Middle School Logo with Link to Middle School Potential Project Components HS Logo with Blue Jay and linked to High School Potential Project Components

Tax Impact Calculator

Find your taxable valuation for 2017 at the Stutsman County Treasurer website. Enter the valuation into the tax calculator to see the tax impact on your residential property or ag land.

Example to Assist in Finding Taxable Valuation

  1. Find the assessed value by multiplying true and full value by 50%
    • $100,000 X 50% = $50,000
  2. Take the assessed value multiplied by either 9% (residential) or 10% (commercial or agricultural) to determine taxable valuation of that property.
    • $50,000 X 0.09% = $4,500