The Jamestown Public School District will use the AdvancED School Improvement and Accreditation Model to make data-driven decisions that focus on continuous improvement of the school district increasing student performance and stakeholder satisfaction. This is an external review process conducted by a team of individuals from across the state of North Dakota and includes a representative from AdvancED region. Also, this model is closely monitored by the District School Improvement (DSI) Team. The model consists of three domains that are reviewed throughout the process: Leadership, Learning, and Resource Capacity.

Standard 1: Leadership Capacity Domain
The capacity of leadership to ensure an institution's progress toward its stated objectives is an essential element of organizational effectiveness. An institutions' leadership capacity includes the fidelity and commitment to its purpose and direction, the effectiveness of governance and leadership to enable the institution to realize its stated objectives, the ability to engage and involve stakeholders in meaningful and productive ways, and the capacity to implement strategies that improve learner and educator performance.
Standard 2: Learning Capacity Domain
The impact of teaching and learning is the primary expectation of every system and its institutions. The establishment of a learning culture built on high expectations for learning, along with quality programs and services, which include an analysis of results, are all key indicators of the system's impact on teaching and learning.
Standard 3: Resource Capacity Domain
The use and distribution of resources align and support the needs of the system and institutions served. Systems ensure that resources are aligned with its stated purpose and direction and distributed equitably so that the needs of the system are adequately and effectively addressed. The utilization of resources includes support for professional learning for all staff. The system examines the allocation and use of resources to ensure appropriate levels of funding, sustainability, and system effectiveness.
Goal 1:  AdvancED Engagement and Review Improvement Goals
The Jamestown Public School District has identified and ensured that the recommendations made by the AdvancED report team are embedded throughout the current strategic plan. The recommendations included Primary Standards 2.6 and 2.11 as improvement priorities, which are: 
  1. The Jamestown Public School District will develop, implement, and monitor a comprehensive, systematic data analysis process to consistently collect, analyze, and apply findings from multiple data sources to verify student learning and assess programs that support the learning environment (Standards 2.11 and Commitment to Continuous Improvement Journey #2).
  2. The Jamestown Public School District will develop, implement, and evaluate a curriculum development process that results in research- and evidence-based curriculum (Standard 2.6).
Progress Monitoring
  1. Review improvement priorities, at minimum, annually by the District School Improvement Committee.
  2. Report to AdvancED on the progress of improvement priorities by the 2020/2021 School Year.