The Jamestown Public School District will provide a school experience that includes the opportunity to participate and excel in diverse and high quality extra and co-curricular activities. We believe that these opportunities will enhance student learning and help mold students to ensure they are ready to positively impact their communities

Goal 1:  Diverse and High-Quality Activities That Enhance Learning
The Jamestown Public School District will provide meaningful opportunities through a diverse offering of activities for all students. These activities will include fine arts, STEM, leadership and athletic activities, which will provide a united and community-based relationship between the school and stakeholders.
  1. Review activities to ensure robust opportunities for all students, including, but not limited to, feasibility of e-gaming and inclusive sports.
  2. Ensure opportunities exist that support the components of 21st Century Learning (Collaboration, Critical Thinking,m Communication, and Creativity).
  3. Create an activity leadership team, through the direction of the activity directors and in collaboration with the superintendent, to share stakeholder perspectives and guide decision-making.
Progress Monitoring
  1. Review funding structures currently in place and forecast for future funding sustainability throughout all programs by December, 2019.
  2. Implement a K-12 pathway for engineering beginning with Lego League at K-8 and ending with First Robotics at 9-12.
  3. Develop a regular assessment to determine if available activities in fine arts, STEM, leadership and athletic activities match student needs by June, 2020.
  4. Create an Activity Leadership team by September, 2019.
  5. The Activities Directors will develop and disseminate an annual survey to determine the effectiveness of the Activity Leadership Team by April, 2020.