The Jamestown Public School District will allocate resources necessary to fund and execute the strategic plan. The ability to effectively operate the district, support stakeholder needs, and meet current and future needs are predicated upon both short and long-term planning in facilities, technology, and district finances.

Goal 1:  Long-Range Facilities Planning
The Jamestown Public School District recognizes that the physical environment is a critical component of effective learning. Additionally, the district identified facilities and various systems that have reached the end of the useful lifespans and replacements and current funding is insufficient for needed renovations and replacements.
  1. Review and update the Capital Projects Plan to prioritize and quantify the facility needs across district facilities.
  2. Expand the district's building fund to 20 mils to address short-term facility priorities.
  3. Develop a long-range facilities plan pathway to address further funding of facility needs.
Progress Monitoring
  1. Review and revise the Capital Projects Plan annually and present updates in March of each year.
  2. Bring a referendum to expand the district-s building fund to the Community of Jamestown by September, 2019.
  3. Develop a long-range facility plan to assist the school board and administration in the decision-making process to plan for short-term and long-term facility needs by September, 2020.
Goal 2:  Long-Range Technology Planning
The Jamestown Public School District recognizes the importance of technology, technology integration, and technology application in the ability to fulfill objectives in the strategic plan and in supporting the needs of the district to provide a high-quality education for all students. A technology plan that effectively prioritizes current and future needs must be completed and implemented with fidelity. 
  1. Review and revise the long-range technology plan to ensure our students have access to the necessary technology to support 21st Century learning skills.
  2. Adopt a Learning Management System (LMS) to provide an online portal for student learning and teacher professional development.
  3. Gather stakeholder perspectives to drive planning for technology with quarterly meetings of the District Technology Committee.
Progress Monitoring
  1. The Jamestown School Board will review the long-range technology plan each year at the annual meeting in July.
  2. The Jamestown Public School District will adopt a LMS by the 2021/2022 School Year.
  3. The Jamestown School Board will review the quarterly minutes of the District Technology Committee meetings.
Goal 3: Long-Range Financial Planning
The Jamestown Public School District will develop a financial plan that is reasonable to taxpayers, sustainable and adequately supports resource allocations to meet current and future needs of the district.
  1. Prepare an annual budget which addresses facility and technology needs to properly support effective instruction as well as student and teacher needs.
  2. Prepare a budget that aligns with AdvanceED improvement priorities and strategic initiatives.
Progress Monitoring
  1. Approve an annual budget that addresses strategic initiatives, AdvancED Improvement priorities, and facility and technology needs.