Jamestown 1 School Board Policies

A-School District

AA General Operations Philosophies
AB General Operations and Organization
ABA Organization
ABAA School District Organization Plan
ABB Facility Access and Use
ABBD Commercial and Political Use of Schools
ABBF Ticket Sales for Accessible Seating
ABBF-E ADA Regulations: Ticket Sales for Accessible Seating
ABC Miscellaneous Operations Policies
ABD Website Design and Accessibility
ABDA-E2 Website Accessibility Statement
AC District Safety and Prevention Policies
ACA Emergency Measures
ACAC Accident Reporting
ACB Medical and Health Safeguards
ACBD-AR School Medication Program Regulations
ACBD-E2 Authorization/Parental Consent for School to Provide Medication or Student to Self-Administer Medication
ACC School Access
ACCA-BR Criteria for Granting Parent Offenders Privileges to Enter School
ACD Technological Safeguards
ACDB Video Surveillance and Recording in Schools
ACDBA Video Cameras on School Buses
ACEA-E1 Bullying Policy Adoption Checklist

B-School Board

BAC Board member Internet and Social Media Use Pledge of Ethics
BB Elections and Appointments
BBA-E Notice of Election Letter
BBA-E2 Notice of Filing Deadlines
BBB Appointments
BBBC School Board Member Assignment
BBBD Students School Board Member(s)
BBC-E School Board Application Forms
BC Meetings of the Board
BC-E Sample Meeting Notice
BCA Meeting Procedures
BCAD-E2 Executive Session Format
BCAD-E3 Executive Session Format for Discussion of Education Records
BCB Public Involvement
BCBB-BR News Coverage of Board Meetings Regulations
BD Board Authority
BDA-E Policy Acknowledgement Form
BDB External Assistance with Board Matters
BEC-E School Board Evaluation Instrument
BF Relations with School Officials and Personnel
BFC Retiring Board Members
BG External Relations


CA Selection, Assessment and Separation of Administrative Staff
CAA Superintendent
CAAA Superintendent Recruitment and Appointment
CAAA-E Superintendent Job Description
CAAB Superintendent, Evaluation Procedure
CAAB-E1 Superintendent Evaluation Template
CAAB-E2 Superintendent Evaluation Worksheet
CAAB-E3 Superintendent Evaluation Summary
CAAB-E4 Superintendent Evaluation Motions
CAB Other Administrative Staff
CABA Creation and Elimination of Administrative personnel Positions
CABB Hiring Administrative Staff
CABC Administrative Reduction in Force
CB Superintendent Authority
CBA Policy Implementation
CBB Superintendent's Consulting Activities
CBC Transfer of Administrative Personnel
CBD Superintendent's Role in Negotiations
CC Services and Programs for Administrators
CCA Superintendent and Other Administrative Professional Development
CCB Superintendent Grievance Procedure


DA Personnel Policies Requirements and Implementation
DAA Role of Policy and Regulation for Non-Contracted Employees
DAB Definitions for Personnel Policies
DB Hiring Practices
DBA Recruitment and Selection
DBAA-E2 Intent to Hire Letter
DBB Testing
DBBA-AR Drug and Alcohol Testing Procedures
DBBA-E Drug and Alcohol Testing Law
DBBB Physical Examinations
DBC Employment Requirements
DBCA Residency Requirements
DBCB Classified Staff Job Descriptions
DBD Classified Staff Intent to Rehire
DBD-E Intent to Rehire Classified Staff Notice
DCB-E Compensatory Time Off Law
DCC* Bonuses
DCCA Signing Bonuses
DD Leaves and Absences
DDA-BR Sick Leave Regulations
DDAA-BR Family and Medical Leave Regulations
DDAA-E Family and Medical Leave Law
DDAB Health Restoration Leave
DDAB-R Health Restoration Regulations
DDAC Chemical Dependency Leave
DDAD-R Childcare Leave Regulations
DDB* Paid Leaves
DDC Unpaid Leaves
DDCA-BR Political Leave Regulations
DDDA Short-Term Professional Leave
DDDA-R Short-Term Professional Leave Regulations
DDDB-R Long-Term Professional Leave Regulations
DDDC Exchange Teaching
DDDC-AR Criteria for Participating in Exchange Teaching
DDDC-E Criteria for Accepting Foreign Teachers
DDDD Professional Organization Leave
DDE Other Leaves
DEA* On-Duty Conduct
DEAA-E Record of Observable Behavior
DEAB Staff Attendance
DEAD Staff Use of Electronic Devices
DEAE Occupational Safety
DEAE-AR Hazardous Substance Communications Program
DEAE-E Employee Safety Orientation Checklist
DEAG Weapons Prohibition on District Property-Employees
DEB On and Off Duty Conduct
DEBB Conflict of Interest
DEBC Gifts to District Personnel
DEBE Employee Relations with Vendors
DEC* Off-Duty Conduct
DECA Outside Employment
DECB Staff Participation in Community Activities
DED Administrative Leave and Suspension
DF* Evaluation, Promotion and Transfers
DFA Supervision and Evaluation
DFB Promotion
DG* Employee Support Programs and Procedures
DGAA Teacher Grievance Procedure
DGAA-E Grievance Form
DGAB* Ancillary Staff Grievances
DGAC* Licensed Support staff Grievances
DGB-BR Employee Assistance Program Procedure
DGC Staff Wellness Program
DGD* Employee Handbooks
DGE* Recognition Programs
DGF* Staff Decision-Making Authority
DGG* Professional Development
DGGB* Ancillary Staff Development
DH* Instructional Staff Duties and Requirements
DHAA-E Licensure Records Letter
DHB* Duties
DHBB Instructional Staff Workload
DHBC Instructional Staff Extra Duty
DHBE Teacher Prep Time
DHC Research and Publishing
DI-BR Personnel Records Review Procedure
DI-E Personnel File Records Checklist
DI-E2 Notice of Confidential Records on File
DIA Distribution of Personnel Directory
DJ* Personnel Positions
DJD Student Teachers
DJDA Student Teacher Stipends
DJE Bus Drivers
DK* Separation
DKA-E Reduction-In-Force Selection Criteria
DKB Separation
DKBB-BR Granting a Release from Contract
DKBD Teacher Discharge for Cause
DKBD-E Discharge Hearing Guidelines
DKD* Retirement
DKDA Early Retirement
DKDA-E Early Retirement Form
DKDB Service Credit Purchase
DKDC Retirement Recognition


FA Admission
FAA Enrollment
FAAC Enrollment of Suspended or Expelled Students
FAAD Tuition Agreements
FAAD-E Tuition Agreement Letter to Parents
FAC Transfer Students
FACB-E Student Residency Verification Form
FACB-E2 Student Residency Checklist
FACB-E3 FERPA and Student Authorization Release
FB General Student Policies
FC Student Safety and Supervision
FC-E Missing Student Reporting Form
FCA Medical and Health Safeguards
FCAC Head Lice
FCAE Suicide Prevention
FCB Supervision
FCBA-AR Procedure for Entering and Leaving the Building
FCBB-AR Student Transportation Safety and Supervision Regulations
FCBD Student Custody
FCC-E Restraint or Seclusion Reporting Form
FD Special Categories of Students
FDB-E Caregiver Authorization Form
FDB-E2 Dispute Resolution Form
FDE-E Section 504 Eligibility Determination Form
FDG Drop Outs
FDG-E Withdrawal Form
FDH-E2 Transportation Plan
FE Special Programs for Students
FEBA Student Assistance Program
FEBB Student Psychological Services and Testing
FEC Honors and Awards
FECA Honor Roll
FECB Gifts and Awards to Students
FED Programs for Upperclassmen
FEDA Early Dismissal for Work
FEDB Alternative Education Plan for Seniors
FEDC Senior Privileges
FEE-E Student Organization Club Application
FEEA Student Government
FF-AR student Conduct Standards and Disciplinary Procedures
FFB-E Accumulated Absence Letter to Parents
FFH Student Dress Code
FFI-E Personal Technology Use and Waiver of Liability
FFJ Student Vehicles on School Property
FFK-E2 Suspension and Expulsion of Special Education Students
FGA-E3 FERPA Release Form for Parents
FGA-E4 Notice of Executive Session Tape on File
FGA-E5 Student Information Sharing Request
FGA-E6 Model Form for Disclosure to Parents of Dependent Students
FGA-E7 School Official's Guide to FERPA and Data Privacy Policy
FGB Religion
FGBA Released Time for Outside Instruction
FGC Searches and Interrogations
FGCB-E Search and Seizure of Students Form
FGCD Student Publications and Freedom of Expression
FGCE Student Distribution and Posting of Noncurricular Material
FI students as Public
FIA Class Gifts to Schools
FIB Participation in Non-School Sponsored Contests and Competitions
FIB-AR Criteria for Participation in Non-School Sponsored Contests and Competitions
FIC Public Performances by Students

G Instruction

GA Curriculum Inclusions
GAA Curriculum Development
GAAC-E Request for Reconsideration of Instructional Resources
GAAC-E3 Access to Resources and Services in School Library Media Program
GAAC-E4 Hatch Amendment Sample Letter
GAB Required Curricular Programs
GABA Bilingual Instruction
GABB Special Education
GABD Title I Programs
GAC Other Curricular Programs
GACA Correspondence Courses
GACB Patriotic Exercises
GACCA Post-Secondary Enrollment
GACCB work Experience Opportunities
GB Teaching Methods
GBAA Teaching About Religion
GBAA-E Teaching About Religion Checklist
GBB Use of External Resources
GBBA Guest Speakers
GBBB Television and Movies in Schools
GBBC Use of Commercially Sponsored Curricular Material
GC Student Evaluation
GCA Placement
GCB Reporting
GCBB Student Progress Reports to Parents
GCD Requests to View ND State Assessments
GCD-E Requests to View ND State Assessments Form
GCE Opting Out of State and Federal Assessments
GCE-E Notice of Policy and Opting Out of Assessments
GD Graduation
GDA Graduation Requirements

H-Fiscal Management

HA Budget
HB Funding
HBA Federal Funding for Schools
HBB State Funding
HBC Local Funding
HBCB Public School Foundations
HBCC-E Fundraising Form
HBD Other Forms of Funding
HBDA Funding Proposals, Grants, and Special Projects
HC Expenditure of School Funds
HCA Purchasing Procedures
HCAC Local Purchasing
HCAD Purchase of Computerized Data Systems
HCB Vendor Relations
HCBA Vendor Conflict of Interest Disclosure
HCBB Sales Calls and Demonstrations
HCBC Fair Employment Clause in Contracts
HD Revenues
HDA Revenues from Investments
HDB Revenues from School-Owned Properties
HDC Revenue from School Sales
HDCA School Sales and Services
HDD-E IRS Receipt for Charitable Contributions
HE Accounting and Reporting
HEA Funds and Asset Management
HEAD Fixed Asset Management
HEAF Fund Balance Policy in Accordance with GASB Statement #54
HEB Internal Controls
HEBA System of Accounts

I-General Operational Programs

IA Buildings and Grounds Management
IAA Environmental and Health Protections
IAAA Asbestos Management
IAAA-E1 Asbestos Management Law
IAAA-E2 Model Asbestos Yearly Notification Form
IAAB Energy Conservation
IAAC Indoor Air Quality
IAAD Integrated Pest Management
IAB Buildings and Grounds Security Plan
IAC Lease of School Property
IAD Disposal of School Real Estate
IAE Lease of Mineral Rights
IB-E2 DPI Requirements and Guidance for Adult Meals
IB-E3 Foods and Minimal Nutritional Value
IC Office Services and Facilities
ICA Mail and Delivery Services
ICB Printing and Duplicating Services
ICC Equipment and Supplies
ID Safety
IDB Risk Management
IDC Data Protection and Security Breaches
IDC-E Security Breach Procedures
IE Transportation
IEA Buses and School-Owned Vehicles
IEAA Bus Safety
IEAA-AR School Bus Accidents
IEAD Use of Buses by Community Groups
IEAE school Bus Idling
IEB Private Vehicles
IEBA Transportation of Students by Staff in Private Vehicles


J-Facility Development

JA Planning
JAA Use of Architect
JAB Site Development and Selection
JB Construction
JBA Accommodations for Individuals with Disabilities
JBB Board Inspection and Acceptance
JCA Memorial on School Property
JD Retirement of Facilities: Procedure and Criteria


K-Public Relations

KA School-Community Relations
KAA Community Involvement
KAAA-AR Visitors in Schools Regulations
KAAB school Volunteer Program
KAAB-E Volunteer Confidentiality Rules and Agreement Form
KAAD-BR Distribution and Posting of Non-Curricular Material in Schools Regulations
KAC Complaints
KACB-E Personnel Complaint Form
KACB-E2 Investigation Confidentiality Agreement
KACB-E4 Investigation Report on File
KAD Safety
KADA Weapons Prohibition on School Property - Public
KB Communications Policies and Programs
KBA Relations with the News Media
KBB District Newsletters

L-Organizational Relations

LA Relations with Other Schools
LB Relations with Governmental Agencies
LC Relations with other Agencies

Manual-Additional items

  • BR - Board Regulations . . . Adopted with one reading
  • AR - Administrative Rules . . . Not adopted by the Board
  • E - Exhibits . . . Not adopted by the Board

*  Indicates a categorical heading; no policy associated with such headings.