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Please stop by the Tech Idea Blog Page for some great technology resources, ideas and updates.


Fun ideas:

Create an account at Storybots and upload a photo or two. Currently they have a holiday video available. Choose your character to be the star!  StoryBots (email with ‘free access for educators’ in the topic line)

A fun App that makes coloring pages come to life! Watch the video as the kids eyes light up when their colored pages come to life.  ColarApp (works with IPad and Droid operating systems)

Dinnernotart This is a fun way to maneuver macaroni digitally rather than with the actual noodles. They have a counter of the noodles saved with the program. Selected art is featured on KRAFT Mac & Cheese Facebook page.

Find the Technology is a scavenger hunt to familiarize younger students with a variety of gadgets and other tech items and then they have to answer a multiple choice question about what they just found.

Looking for last minute Christmas craft ideas: Scroll through these ideas. My favorite is the thumbprint Christmas lights card!

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