Food Service-School Lunch Program

School Lunch Program

School lunches and breakfasts are available for all students in Jamestown Public Schools. Your family might be eligible for free or reduced meal prices. The School District encourages all families to complete the free or reduced meal application (if this link is not working use this link: APP) which is mailed to each family the second week of August. We encourage families to fill out the free and reduced information release form to help reduce fees that are applicable.  If you do not receive an application, please call Shelley Mack, Food Service Director, at 252-1950 Ext. 2115.

The elementary student cost is $2.70 per day, the Middle School student cost is $2.80 per day and the High School student cost is $2.90 per day. The adult cost is $3.55 per day.

Breakfast programs are available at all Elementary Schools, the Middle School and the High School. The Elementary cost is $1.60 per day. The Middle School and High School cost is $1.80 per day. The adult cost is $2.40 per day.

The School Lunch program is supported by the charge made to patrons for meals and by the subsidy received from Federal sources through the State Lunch Program.

Payment for school lunch service will be accepted at the Administration Office at 207 2nd Avenue SE.

To Check your child/children’s lunch balance and/or receive free email notification of low balance go to

e~Funds for Schools

To check your child/children’s account to see what they are eating and/or their lunch balance, you must have their User ID and Password,

Food Service Lunch

then click on e~Funds For Schools link above for Lunch Balance

A letter with your students ‘Student Number’ is issued by the school to all students.  If you need another one please contact your child’s schools secretary.

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