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Regular: HOT ENTR?E WG Papa Murphy?s Pizza Shredded BBQ Pork* on WG Bun COLD SANDWICH WG WOW Butter /Jelly Sandwich WG Bun Roasted Garbanzos Milk: Variety Gluten Free: HOT ENTRÉE Seasoned Chicken Breast COLD Sliced Ham/Cheese Corn Chips Salad Bar Milk: Variety Diabetic: HOT ENTRÉE-38 WG Papa Murphy’s Pizza-38 Shredded BBQ Pork * WG Bun-31 COLD SANDWICH WG Sandwich-30 WG WOW Butter/Jelly65 Milk: Variety *Salad Bar available daily with all entrees**Must Select one fruit or vegetable daily *contains Pork WG = Whole Grain Lunch Money due Feb 1st. Pay at the District Food Service Office or the Middle School Cafe Lunch Daily $2.90 Monthly $ 58.00 Breakfast Daily $1.85 Monthly $37.00 (Milk Choices offered are 1%, Skim and Chocolate Skim.) Please monitor all snacks for ingredients if you have food allergies WOW Soy butter and jelly sandwiches are available as a substitute for peanut and jelly sandwiches. Diabetic: Strawberry Yogurt Parfait with granola = 85 gm Cho Cookie on Snack Bar = 28gms All other items on snack bar = see labels Salad Bar 1 scoop (1/4 cup)=10gm if fresh--Salad Bar 1scoop(1/4cup)=15gm canned