Egg Wrap/Salsa Yogurt/Granola Poptart/Cereal Muffin/Cereal WG Caramel Roll WG Pastry WG Bagel Cr.C Juice & Fruit Milk--Variety

Try out Fruit/Yogurt Parfait’s!!! Students must be offered 4 items and can decline 1. Breakfast prices: student daily $ $1.85 Student monthly is $37.00 Adult is $2.40 Extra entrée is $1.45 * contains pork Free/Reduced students eat free for Breakfast! Must Serve 4 items – can decline 1 item 1 whole grain 1 cup of fruit-- ½ cup of fruit juice and ½ cup of fruit (they only need to take 1) must offer both 1 cup of milk 1 other item (meat, grain, potato, yogurt, cheese stick)