REGULAR/Gluten Free/Diabetic (see options in notes)

Regular: RED Cheeseburger on WG Bun/ slice tomato BLUE Ravioli WG Pizza Stick Baked French Fries Fruit & Vegetable Bar Milk: Variety Gluten Free: Cheese Burger No bun Sliced tomatoes Potato Smiles Corn Chips Fruit & Vegetables Milk: Variety Diabetic: Washington: RED Chicken Nuggets WG Bread/Margarine BLUE Turkey and Cheese Sandwich- mayo Baked Beans Fruit & Vegetable Bar Milk: Variety *contains Pork WG=Whole Grain All student must select a fruit or vegetable from the Salad Bar. A SOY Butter Sandwich is an option for peanut allergies when a pbj sandwich is served ? Parents please notify the office by 9 a.m. Lunch Money due Feb 1st. Pay at the District Food Service Office or the Elementary School Secretary?s Office. Lunch Daily $2.80 Monthly $ 56.00